SchiffRadio Podcast Episode 2

SchiffRadio Podcast Episode 2 Synopsis

  • Economic Data – More weak data
  • Purchase applications index declined by 7.2% – biggest decline in 14 years
  • Treasury yields slightly up for the week
  • Retail sales up – Buying more or paying more?
    • auto purchases with cheap money
    • inflation not taken into account
    • Auto loans increasingly delinquent
  • Fed Policy
    • I’ll admit to being wrong if the Fed raises interest rates back to normal and shrinks its balance sheet back to normal, as promised, and does not produce a financial crisis.
  • Interest Rates
    • Negative Interest Rates in Japan and in Switzerland
  • Inflation
    • Paul Krugman says we should be at 4% inflation and a minimum wage of $10.10
    • Commentary on Henry Blodgett’s inflation comments
    • Column from David K. Johnson on how corporations are getting rich by paying taxes
  • Employment
    • Jobless claims up, indicating a trend change
  • The Economy
    • Recognizing bubbles ahead of the crisis
  • Europe – Poll on Scottish independence
  • Social Issues:
    • The NBA in the hot seat for racism
    • Over-reaction to the Ray Rice story