Silver Prices, Fiat Currencies and the Housing Market

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- September 1, 2011

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Graham from London, England
You’ve predicted a silver breakout but the gold to silver ratio is currently about 1:45, so silver is already historically high relative to gold. What caused silver to soar relative to gold between August 2010 and May 2011? Also: Do you think sliver is now going to rise relative to gold?

Fernando from Milford, CT
Can you explain how come countries using the euro as their currency cannot “print money”? I thought the Euro was just another fiat currency.

John from Orlando, FL
I’ve heard your comments about Warren Buffet and his claims that he pays lower taxes. If he’s not telling the truth or isn’t being forthright, there’s got to be a reason. What do you think his motivation is to say he wants to be taxed more?

Joe from Easley, S.C.
I recently heard a gold refining/recovery company announced they’ve developed a technology that extracts 10,000 percent more gold out from a given volume of tailings than the current recovery processes. Have you heard anything about this? Also, what affect is this likely to have on the future price of gold?

Carol from New Carlisle, OH
I have a friend who invested in a house for profit and now needs to sell it. I know he’ll take a loss. Is it better for him to take  a small loss and look for another house at a better deal, or wait until the house market goes down again before he tries to buy another?


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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