My Take on Joe Rogan Redo – Ep. 279

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

I appeared the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast while on my trip this week to the West Coast. I first appeared on his show about 3 years ago, and since then the popularity of his podcast has really exploded. A couple of million have already listened to my most recent appearance.  I was on for 3 hours and I did almost all of the talking.

Huge Reaction to Minimum Wage Discussion

If you look at the YouTube video you’ll see a tremendous amount of reactions, both positive and negative, which is a far greater reaction than the show usually gets. I could have set the record on thumbs down but I got more than 3 times the number of thumbs up. If you read the comments, many people are attacking me for being “mean” because I am against the minimum wage.

Why Am I Against the Minimum Wage?

This is the typical liberal reaction when they encounter someone who disagrees with the liberal agenda. They think I am out of touch, that I don’t understand, I’m heartless, and they get so upset at me because they think I am a really bad guy. After all, only a really bad guy would want to exploit poor people by paying low wages. It would not dawn on them to think about why I am against the minimum wage.

Against Government Mandated Unemployment

I am not against people earning money; I am against mandated unemployment. I am against the government preventing people from acquiring the skills that would enable them to earn a lot more than the minimum wage in the future.  Liberals don’t consider any consequences – it’s all about how good they feel about themselves. “Who actually cares about the consequences of this law, just as long as I can feel morally superior to anyone who doesn’t support the minimum wage law?”

For Entry-Level Jobs that Provide Value to Employer

I did explain that, but apparently it went right over their heads. I am trying to explain that the minimum wage law leads to more unemployment because it causes people with low skills to lose the opportunity to move up in the workforce through entry-level jobs that provide value for the employer.