Thanksgiving: How Capitalism Saved America From Socialism – Ep 754

    • 2021 marks the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever.
    • Oil companies can’t pump oil as fast as the Fed can print money.
    • Pilgrims set sail for Communism, but landed on Capitalism.
    • Desperate Americans look to crypto as a ticket to wealth.
    • Bitcoin is fiat and people will lose faith in it like other fiats.
    • Alex Mashinsky of Celsius tells desperate Americans to take out loans to buy Bitcoin.
    • CNBC hosts an hour-long special shilling Bitcoin.
    • Cathie Woods is bullish on Bitcoin, but expects deflation.
    • Wherever inflation starts, it always ends up at the supermarket.
    • Fed can’t fight inflation and bail out the housing market at the same time.
    • Even Fed’s preferred data shows they are miles above their inflation target.

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