Tom Puts Me to ZZZZzz…

Please email & let me know when Peter is back & Tom is gone..Tom sucks quite frankly..nothing against him personally but….he just isn’t talk show host material..sorry but Tom puts me to ZZZZZZZ & if Peter continues letting Tom host the show..well LOL staying on the air….the guy from the LA office much better host or let alex jones fill in?..still looking for my “free” t-shirts with the name “Irwin” on them..??? where are they? i ordered 20 a month ago & not see them anywhere..Peter should have done the t-shirt thing when Irwin was 50..waiting 35 years to try to get him outof jail shows Peter could give a rats S about his dad,..he’s concerned about the money he’ll make selling the T-shirts obviously..he a good Talmadic joo thru & thru…talmadic jooish list of prioritys:
#1 money
#2 money
#3 money

Gary H. from Groveport, OH