Trump’s NAFTA Rebrand Is a Marketing Fraud – Ep. 395

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NAFTA was the Worst Deal in World History?

I want to talk about Donald Trump’s new trade deal. When Donald Trump was running for President, he said that NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) was the worst trade deal ever negotiated ever by anyone in world history. It wasn’t just the worst trade deal that America got into, it was the worst trade deal that anybody ever got into.

I don’t know how many trade deals Donald Trump actually studied, and whether he compared them to NAFTA to know that NAFTA was worse than any other deal that had ever been negotiated, but that was his claim. In fact, even in the ceremony where he took credit for the new deal that he negotiated he repeated that NAFTA was the worst deal ever negotiated.

We Went from a Good Name to a Lousy Name

Then he unveiled his deal, which he now calls the greatest deal ever negotiated.  So we went from the worst deal in the history of deals to the best deal in the history of deals. The problem is, it is basically the same deal! The only thing that has really changed is the name. We went from a good name to a lousy name, and the funny thing about it is Donald Trump is claiming that the name is better. The old name was NAFTA. The new name is USMCA. Us-ma-ca! Us-ma-ca? What kind of name is that? We basically went from a nice name to a ridiculous name.

NAFTA Re-Branded with a Worse Name

But the bottom line is that’s probably the most substantive difference between the two deals.  Pretty much, it is the same deal. Yet this is the greatest deal in history and the old deal was the worst deal ever. This is standard operating procedure for Donald Trump. Everything is great now that he is President. Donald Trump pretended everything was awful before he was elected, and now, he’s made everything fantastic, but he hasn’t done anything.

You listen to Fox News, they’re talking about this thing like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is NAFTA re-branded with a worse name.

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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