U.S. Credit Downgrade, ETF’s, Rental Property and the Fed

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- March 1, 2013

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David from Billings, MT
Do you think another downgrade is coming for the U.S.?

Derek from Mercer Island, WA
Is buying into international ETFs or mutual funds enough to protect that money from a falling dollar or do you need to somehow get your money out of the US and buy foreign stocks and funds?

Gonzalo in Mexicali, Baja California
Peter would you please give me a scholarship for my university?

Enrique from San Francisco, CA
The rent is very high here in San Francisco. If I have no cash flow, should I rent a home or should I try to buy a property?

Steven from Northland, New Zealand
We currently have a manufacturing sector which is struggling because of the high dollar. Our government is currently following free market principles, but has indicated that it will give our Federal Reserve Bank greater powers to intervene in order to reduce the value of the dollar. How can a vibrant and productive manufacturing sector co-exist with a high and constantly rising dollar?