U. S. Dollar Has Worst January In 30 Years! – Ep. 225

  • The month of January came to an end, and it didn’t play out the way most people believed it would
  • Remember when the year began, everybody was optimistic on the U.S. dollar
  • Remember I said that it was the most crowded trade
  • It was just like gold the year before
  • Everybody was convinced that now that Trump was President we were going to have all this fiscal stimulus
  • The Fed was going to be tightening rates more aggressively
  • The dollar had no place else to go but up;
  • Everybody started the year long the dollar
  • I just read that this was the worst January for the dollar in almost 30 years!
  • For all the fanfare and the hype about Dow 20,000
  • The Dow was only up about .5% in the month of January
  • You would think that it was much higher than that
  • And of course, measured in any other currency, the Dow was down quite a bit
  • In fact, if you just look at our mutual funds
  • To just give you an example of what’s going on overseas
  • First of all, our Gold Fund up 12% in the month of January
  • But my International Value Fund was up 6.5% in the month of January
  • That fund is the #1 fund on Morningstar so far in 2017
  • It was also the #1 fund in its category of 400 or so for all of 2016
  • And it’s already the #1 fund for 2017
  • But if you look at the returns that are being achieved internationally
  • Investing outside the dollar
  • Investing in gold stocks
  • That’s where all the money is being made
  • It’s not being made in the U.S. Stock Market
  • In other currencies, it’s actually, it’s only up in dollars
  • But it’s down in terms of just about every other currency
  • So you wouldn’t know that from listening to the pundits
  • Everybody is so excited about what’s going on
  • Again this is probably how it all started when George Bush came in
  • People were still initially enthusiastic about what was going to happen
  • But the honeymoon didn’t last long

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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