US Savings Bonds, November Stock Market, LA Gold Shopping and Gold Coins

Steve from Warsaw, Poland
US Savings Bonds – if/when we go into hyperinflation, is there any future for these say 15 years from now? Also, is there some kind of currency change from the FRN to a new currency like the alleged Amero? what would happen to old things like US Savings Bonds that are denominated in dollars?

Doug from Longwood, FL
I was told November is a strong month for stocks as traders pick up their shorted stocks for tax reasons. Is this jump in silver spot prices ever a result of people covering their shorts?

Matthew from Plymouth, Devon
As someone who’s lived in Los Angeles before, are you aware of any good stores for buying gold/silver bullion or coins? I’m there on vacation from England in June and would be looking to take advantage of the VAT-free prices for silver.

Nancy from Easton, Conn.
A few years ago before I listened to you and learned the correct way to buy gold I purchased some British Old Sovereigns and Swiss Francs from Goldline. Big Mistake. Now that it is done should I sell these to a reputable dealer  and purchase a more recognizable coin, such as Maple Leafs or American Eagles? My concern is that if I need to barter them someday, the British Sovereigns and Francs may be difficult to trade.