Will A Trump Win Rain On Stock Market’s Clinton Victory Parade? – Ep. 209

  • It’s not going to be a new record as far as the consecutive days of declines for the U.S stock market
  • The 9-day losing streak ended today in a huge pre-relief Clinton victory rally
  • The markets had been factoring in a higher probability of a Donald Trump victory ever since the FBI announced that they were re-opening the email investigation
  • Thanks to a treasure trove of 650,000 emails on Anthony Wiener’s (a.k.a. Carlos Danger) laptop computer
  • Apparently they have now gone through all 650,000 emails in under a week and yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon Comey made the announcement that the FBI had completed their investigation of these additional emails and that nothing had changed with respect to the FBI’s original recommendation
  • Which was, if you forget, that despite recklessness and carelessness on the part of Hillary Clinton to have set up this private server, and to have used it to send out classified emails
  • That they found no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing, that Sec. Clinton just made an “honest mistake”.
  • That she had no idea that it was a bad idea to send classified emails out of a private server
  • I remember at the time, I said, if this is true, she’s too incompetent to be President, if she’s really that naive
  • If she really thinks that she doesn’t have to handle classified data with any kind of care
  • Then she’s not competent to be President
  • Either she is incompetent or she’s dishonest
  • Of course there is plenty of evidence that Hillary Clinton lied about the fact that she did, in fact send classified information out of her private server
  • She claimed that she did not and then the FBI found them
  • Also, she engaged in a cover up, obstruction of justice
  • As soon as she knew that she was under investigation, she destroyed evidence that she was ordered to preserve