Powell Still Hopes to Do the Impossible – Ep 842

· Jerome Powell delivers exactly what the market expects. · State governments’ cash will be depleted. · Ethereum traders bought the rumor and sold the fact. · The Fed will always choose inflation over deflation.

FedEx Proves the Fed Can’t Deliver a Soft Landing – Ep 841

· Big losses following Suckers Rally in Bitcoin and stock market. · The Fed will pivot when the economy starts to buckle. · Atlanta Fed lowers their estimates for Q3 GDP. · Silver may be showing a silver lining in gold’s cloud. · We’re likely nowhere near a bottom in

Schiff/Euro Pacific Bank (EPB) and Puerto Rican Regulator reach agreement on details of final liquidation of EPB and guarantee return of all depositors’ funds, as promised by Schiff

Schiff also gets approval for the bank to transfer customer deposits to another financial institution if they prefer. Schiff Attorney Lanny Davis asks the question, “Was false innuendo of criminal conduct by 60 Minutes /Australia and by senior IRS agent at a press conference responsible for destruction of a solvent bank, which always

ECB’s Inflation Fight May Knock Out the Dollar – Ep 839

· ECB hikes rates as Europe’s inflation outpaces the U.S. · Powell admits we’re on an unsustainable fiscal path. · The Fed is not a friend of the public. It’s the enemy. · U.K. government will make their energy crisis worse. · No new money is going into crypto.

Any News Is Bad News for Stocks – Ep 838

· Inflation’s day of reckoning can’t be postponed much longer. · Markets show risk of a Black Tuesday. · More Bitcoin sellers above $20k than buyers below it. · Gold bucking the downtrend in stocks. · Higher unemployment data surprises markets. · Putin understands the global inflation problem is the

Powell Promises Pain, Markets Deliver – Ep 836

· Jerome Powell no longer believes the economy will have a soft landing. · Joe Biden is creating severe moral hazards with student loan forgiveness. · Most unsold new homes on the market since aftermath of financial crisis. · Service sector is at its weakest since the depths of covid

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