2022 Kicks off the Great Rotation – Ep 768

Oil prices headed for record highs. Massive rotation from growth stocks to value stocks in effect. Investors rushing to dump Cathie Wood’s ARKK fund. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust follows growth stocks decline. Gold will follow oil’s breakout. Lael Brainard should be fired, not promoted. The Fed is saving some jobs… the

Fed Unveils Field of Dreams Monetary Policy – Ep 767

Official CPI is at its worst in 39 years. Real CPI is at its worst in history. Investors beginning to realize that the Fed is too little too late. Elizabeth Warren wants the Fed to blame inflation on price gouging. Democrats are laying the foundation for price controls. Paul Tudor

Less Loose Will Lower Markets, Not Inflation – Ep 766

Stock market off to a bad start for first week of trading in 2022. Fed minutes send bond markets tanking. Investors spooked out of speculative bets and into commodities. Inflation pressure building on producers and consumers. Workers fall further behind as prices increase faster than wages. Bitcoin chart looking ominous.

The Year of Living Dangerously in Review – Ep 765

Peak speculation in 2021 lead to meme stocks, silly named crypto, NFTs, and all time record highs for: Issuance of SPACS Mergers & acquisitions Corporate buy-backs IPOs from money losing companies IPOs from regular companies Home loans Trade deficit Government borrowing in a non-recession year Bitcoin price

2021: A Year of Peak Speculation – Ep 764

Everyone is talking about inflation. Fed is re-rigging the CPI again to hide increasing inflation. Strong economies create surpluses, not deficits. US is importing more and exporting less. Prices up on lumber and other commodities. Bitcoin stole gold’s thunder in 2021. 2021 was a great year for Bitcoin sellers, but

Peak Inflation Is Nowhere in Sight – Ep 763

Santa Claus rally comes early. Even Fed’s sugarcoated data shows inflation twice has high as their target. Gold may be turning its $1800 ceiling into a floor. Bitcoin pumps with risk assets. Record GBTC discount shows investors are losing interest in Bitcoin. Inflation will peak when people least expect it.

The Era of Low Inflation Was Transitory – Ep 762

Chinese imports have kept a lid on goods prices, but not services. Dollar will decline when foreign investors no longer want US stocks. We now have more inflation and less ability to deal with it than in the 1970s. US may soon trade used American cars for used Chinese bikes.

A Dove Can’t Change Its Feathers – Ep 761

Elizabeth Warren blames inflation on greedy business owners. Producers aren’t price gouging. They’re being gouged. Fed should stop QE now, not just taper it. Retail consumers are buying less and paying more. Congress raises the debt ceiling $2.5 Trillion. History will judge Jerome Powell before his second term ends.

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The inflation that we were emphatically told would be transitory and unmoored continues to persist and entrench. As the troubles gather momentum Washington is doing

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The “transitory” inflation swamping the country has stubbornly persisted into July. This week it was announced that producer prices posted a second straight 1% month-over-month

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