PBS Frontline Misses the Fed’s Real Power to Destroy – Ep 716

The power to inflate is the power to destroy. Fed ensures most Americans are living on the edge. Quantitative Easing is just another word for government debt monetization. We’re always just one bubble away from the next financial crisis. Government creates a moral hazard with every subsidy it gets involved

Fed Bets the Farm on Transitory Inflation – Ep 715

Government data says inflation worse than the 80s; real data says inflation already worse than the 70s. Hypocritical Republicans criticize Biden for the same policies they pushed for under Trump. Jerome Powell claims economy is great, but it needs the same amount of stimulus as when it was crashing. Fed

CPI and PPI Expose Transitory Inflation Ruse – Ep 714

Fed forced to admit that inflation will be higher and last longer than they predicted. June CPI numbers come in almost double Fed’s expectations. Highest monthly CPI increase in 13 years. Stock indexes are not a hedge against inflation. Producer costs are rising faster than consumer prices. Consumer prices are

Markets Are Bracing For the Wrong Impact – Ep 712

Bitcoin and other risky assets being sold off. Investors flee to gold and other safe havens. Fed goes from thinking about thinking about tapering to talking about talking about it. Supply of starter homes at 50 year low. Buying Bitcoin is as risky as it’s ever been.

All Americans Can Celebrate Independence Day – Ep 711

Oil marches toward record highs in Europe. Inflation disguised in new restaurant fees. The Constitution applies to all Americans. Slave trade started and ended in Africa, not the United States. Slavery was outlawed in the US before anywhere else in the world.

Government Protected Monopolies Are the Only Ones to Fear – Ep 709

Facebook anti-trust case thrown out of court. Breaking up monopolies protects the competitors, not the consumers. John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was a perfect model of free market efficiency. Consumers are indirectly price gouged by labor unions. Labor unions destroyed jobs and wages for laborers. Government unions should be illegal.

Everything Is Awesome Because the Fed Says so – Ep 708

Bond market sells off for opposite reason it rallied a week prior. Institutions are not rushing in to buy #Bitcoin. Huge Socialist agenda moving forward using #covid as the excuse. #Biden vows to grow government and use it against entrepreneurs and small business owners. We’ve barely begun to pay the

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A Black Swan with Teeth

By Peter Schiff For years I have been warning that during the age of permanent stimulus (which began in earnest with the Federal Reserve’s reaction

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