Damn the Recession, Rate Hikes Ahead – Ep 831

· Treasury yields surge. · Fed forgets about inflation averaging. · Households take on all time record debt. · Nominal wages are going up, but real wages are collapsing. · China can do more damage to our economy without harming Nancy Pelosi. · Buy gold before the Chinese beat you

U.S. in Recession Amid Weak Labor Market – Ep 830

· U.S. goes into recession; Biden and Fed deny it. · Media goes along with redefining recession. · The Inflation Reduction Act will increase inflation. · Forex and gold investors finally figuring things out. · Bond investors still clueless.

Powell Gets Democrats’ Memo to Redefine Recession – Ep 829

· Fed meets market expectations with 75 basis point rate hike. · Jerome Powell sidesteps recession questions. · Walmart confirms consumer weakness. · Gold may have found a bottom. · Gold miners rally. · Any rally in Bitcoin is a selling opportunity.

Recession Deniers Waking up to Reality – Ep 828

· More data pointing to a worsening economy. · ECB hikes rates for first time in 11 years. · Dollar looks to have topped out. · Gold looks to have bottomed. · Tech companies hurting as advertisers flee.

A Tale of Two Dollars – Ep 826

· Consumer prices reported hotter than expected. · Dollar is rising on the greater fool theory. · Inflation is not a product of expectations. · It’s good politics to talk about fighting inflation. It’s horrible politics to actually fight it. · Investors sheltering in the U.S. dollar abroad are in

Official Inflation Hits Another New High – Ep 825

· Inflation is soaring across the world. · U.S. monetary and fiscal policies are at odds with each other. · Motor vehicle repair costs have highest increase since the 1974. · Dollar rises as gold tanks. · Gold stocks are at bargain prices. · Don’t fall for bait and switch

A Surge in Moonlighting Evidences Weakness Not Strength – Ep 824

· Dollar strengthened and gold tanked. · Needing a second crappy job is not good news for the economy. · Shinzo Abe was assassinated before he could be held accountable for his disastrous economic policies. · Peter Schiff was right about Elon Musk’s Twitter bluff. · Bitcoin big shot advocates

Peter Schiff Promises to work with the Puerto Rican Banking Commissioner 

July 8, 2022 Peter Schiff Promises to work with the Puerto Rican Banking Commissioner (OCIF) to correct financial capitalization deficiencies, or any other possible regulatory problems cited in the OCIF order. Schiff asks that all media who falsely reported that OCIF made any charges of willful money-laundering, or other financial crimes,

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The inflation that we were emphatically told would be transitory and unmoored continues to persist and entrench. As the troubles gather momentum Washington is doing

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