Government Recycles 1970s Inflation Propaganda – Ep 751

Janet Yellen lies to the nation. The Fed doesn’t want to let the peoples’ cost of living decrease. 2% inflation isn’t a target; it’s a floor. Retail investors move from bubble to bubble without learning any lessons. Sell your Bitcoin before Logan Paul’s audience does.

Fed’s Credibility Is Transitory, Not Inflation – Ep 750

CPI data heavily contradicts Fed’s transitory inflation narrative. Reagan was more popular during a recession than Biden is during this “booming” economy. The government has too much money on the line not to lie about inflation. Media’s bias taints their inflation reporting. Federal Reserve can print money, but they can’t

Consumers on the Hook for Rising Producer Prices – Ep 749

Supply shortages exacerbated by consumers reading the inflation writing on the wall. Gas prices at the pump close to all time record highs in most of the country. Dollar is being propped up by taper. The crypto market has flipped the gold market. Joe Biden looks to replace Jerome Powell

Gold’s Surprise Rally Shows Sellers Are Exhausted – Ep 748

Press knows Biden doesn’t have the aptitude to even answer softball questions. Record high stock market eyes blue skies ahead. As Peloton bikes become overpriced clothes racks, Peloton stock becomes dirty laundry. Gold may end up being the pin that pricks the Bitcoin bubble. The IRS tricked the middle class.

Fed Finally Launches the Taper, Now What? – Ep 747

Markets blessed Fed’s decision to begin tapering. Jerome Powell says economy is healthy, but requires monetary policy of an economy in crisis. Full employment is subjective and rarely achieved. Powellnomics: It’s inappropriate to have interest rates above 0% in an economy that’s not at 100% employment. Fed knows the economy

Shiba Inu Highlights Bitcoin’s Lack of Scarcity – Ep 746

Nasdaq and S&P finish the week strong. Robinhood closes the week near its all time low. Newmont leads gold mining stocks lower. Gold mines don’t lose missed earnings, they postpone them. Crypto ships will rise and sink on the same tide of fear and greed. Inflation is driving up labor

Markets Can’t Ignore Exploding Trade Deficits Forever – Ep 745

US dollar would tank if traders understood implications of economic data. Trade deficit continues to break records month after month. Strong economies have trade surpluses; we have a bubble economy. We’re only consuming and importing because we’re printing a currency the world still values. Massive trade deficits aren’t a problem

Irrational Exuberance on Steroids – Ep 744

Elon Musk needs a rocket ship to find Tesla’s PE. Bakkt Holdings rises on crypto partnership with MasterCard. Jack Dorsey warns of imminent hyperinflation. Stanley Druckenmiller doesn’t realize the Fed is the problem. When politicians aim their weapons at the billionaires, they always hit the middle class the hardest.

Written off for Dead, Gold Comes Back to Life – Ep 743

Netflix and Tesla stocks make all time highs. Trump SPAC makes a splash. Investors buying WeWork SPAC are putting lipstick on a pig. Gold price gains on inflation news, which means bigger gains may be around the corner. Oil price increases while oil production decreases. Inflation in 2022 will eclipse

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