🔴 The Devil Returns to Collect America’s Soul – Ep 813

· Dow on its longest losing streak in 100 years. · Snapchat implodes. · Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch investors learn a hard lesson. · Inflation can no longer be solved with higher interest rates. · Even rigged CPI can’t hide rising prices now. · Ruble strength proves sanctions didn’t


It’s the Fed’s “hold my beer” moment. After more than a year in which Federal Reserve leadership appeared clueless, pollyannish, and indecisive, the Fed is conducting a full-throated messaging campaign to show that it is as serious as cancer about the inflation surge that is scaring the bejesus out of

Powell Admits Soft Landing May Be Bumpy – Ep 811

· Americans are spending more, but buying less. · Jeff Bezos calls out Joe Biden. · Businesses are absorbing costs, not gouging prices. · Ben Bernanke is right about Bitcoin. · Brace yourself for an economic crash.

Bitcoin May Luna After All – Ep 809

· Gold and silver remain strong while gold and silver miners continue caving. · Lisa Cook was not the most qualified person for the FOMC. · Neel Kashkari had a Freudian slip. · Companies are imploding and massive layoffs are coming. · Crypto is collapsing.

Black Monday 2: Electric Boogaloo – Ep 808

· Investors resorted to indiscriminate selling amidst today’s carnage. · The Fed can’t do the impossible. · Housing foreclosures will go through the roof. · Covid shutdowns were just a dress rehearsal for what’s coming next. · Weak hands sold precious metals today.

Fed Hawks Turn Chicken – Ep 806

· Fed raises benchmark interest rates higher than it has in 20 years. · Lyft stock hits 52 week low. · Jerome Powell admires Paul Volcker, but not for his policies. · New York Times argues for less courage and more cowardice.

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The “transitory” inflation swamping the country has stubbornly persisted into July. This week it was announced that producer prices posted a second straight 1% month-over-month

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