A Positive Influence

   I simply wanted to thank you for the continued education and overall positive influence that you have had on my life. I am a restaurant owner in California, as you can tell from my background the last couple of years have been a difficult time for me. Your guidance through these difficult times has really helped me to financially position my fiancée and I to do well when many of our peers and friends have not been able to do so.

   In addition, your sharing of ideas has helped me understand what is truly going on in the world. I used to be a person that was living my life and managing my business day to day, with no real understanding of where our economy was going and feeling as though it was not in my power to control my own financial destiny. I know feel a sense of empowerment and understanding that has developed largely from the influence of following your work.

   My dad first turned me on to your book crash proof back in 2008. I had heard my dad speak of many of the concepts you explained so well, but it wasn?t until I read your book that I truly had that ?ah ha? moment. From then on I have read all of your other books as well as many of the authors on your reading list. I continue to read your blogs and watch your video blogs every time you post. Now that you have the weekly radio show I try to listen as much as possible. On a personal level, your work has enabled me to develop a really wonderful side to my relationship with my dad that previously did not exist. We are able to connect and discuss topics and conversations that are generated from the content you provide on your website. Many of our phone conversations now begin with ?did you see what Peter said today??.

   I know you are a busy man so I wont continue to ramble, I really just wanted to say keep up the good work and all that you do is appreciated and has a very positive and profound effect on many. If nothing else, I thought it only fair for me to say thank you. Back to work for me.

John M.

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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