The Argentinian Depression, the Polish Economy and Holding Gold Bullion

Listeners’ Questions – September 29, 2011

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Sean from Henderson, NV
I was reading about the Argentinian depression of the 1990’s. I know they were trying to fix a period of hyper inflation, but it is used as an argument by Kenisan economists that the policies of Milton Friedman don’t work. I know Argentina had a period of high inflation prior to their recession and depression. I was under the impression that Argentina’s problems stemmed from freezing and devaluing bank accounts, and tax hikes. Could you comment on this matter?

Sebastian from Wiltshire, GB

What do You think about the Polish economy and investing in Polish money?

George from Alberta, Canada
Could you tell me how it’s possible that Gold is trading above Platinum, given that Platinum is rarer than Gold? As of 6:21pm Thursday September 8th Platinum is at $1859 and Gold is at $1862. Is this proof that Gold is ahead of itself and is heading for a bigger correction?

Neil from Stamford, CT
I have a small software business. Is this a good time to build it up and bring in investors? Or should I keep it as a small “lifestyle” business. I am trying to decide what is best given the coming economic crash.

Brad from Warsaw, IN
With the potential for more US capital controls, what are legal ways a US citizen could hold bullion outside the US without having to use the IRS form TD F 90-22.1, “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts”?