Backwardation of Silver, Servicing U.S. Debt with Gold and Hyperinflation

Listeners’ Questions – March 17, 2011

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Brian from Mesa, AZ
What do you think of the backwardation of silver? Is it an arbitrage situation?

Brian from Panama City Beach, FL
Has anyone considered selling gold in US vaults as a way to repay the debt?

Josh from Louisville, KY
During a hyper-inflationary period, what exactly happens? How long does it take for countries to get their currencies under control or implement a new currency? Does the currency jump dramatically in a week or a month, making current deposits worthless? After that, is new currency introduced and exchanged?

Curtis from Kona, HI
Can you discuss the current news on JP Morgan shorting massive amounts of silver to manipulate the price? Is this true or conspiracy theory?