California Technology Industry, Treasuries, Gold&Silver and Domestic Oil & Gas

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers Audio – June 13, 2013

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Ben in Long Island, NY
I am wondering why there are so many technology companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook in California because California is a state with a huge government and a lot of regulations and taxes.

Dan in Los Angeles, CA
What is your opinion on the 10-Year Treasury short term (12 months+-). I’m currently refinancing an apartment building and the lender seemed to drag their feet and didn’t lock-in my rate. I’m hesitant to follow through now and I’m wondering if I should just wait.

David in Bellmore, NY
I have gone all in with gold and mostly silver over the last two years. As I previously lost a lot in the stock market in 2008. Now my purchase in gold and silver is worth 50% of what I paid. Do I have any chance of my metals going back to the price of two years ago? Is it time to buy more or bail?

Slate in Carson City, NV
Precious metals, historically speaking, seem to top out 5-6 years after the DOW bottoms out. If the strategy is to get back in equities at the bottom or near the bottom you have to know where the bottom is. So should we be selling our metal before the top? What should the spot price be for gold and silver to get out and enter stock trading?

Adne in Hordaland, NO
There are great oil and gas reserves in the US. Do you think these reserves can be used to pay down the US debt?

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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