Canadian Investments, Brazil, Oil and Corporate Personhood

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- August 22, 2012

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Eric in Ontario, Canada
I enjoyed reading Crash proof 2.0 and understand the book is mainly meant to help Americans protect themselves against a devalued US dollar.  What would you advise Canadians do?  Would it simply be to invest in our own natural resources, buy Asian stocks, or to simply count our blessings and do nothing?  Your book obviously recommends Euro Pacific Capitals, but who would you recommend to your friendly neighbors to the North to turn to to provide such services?

Eduardo in Sao Paulo, Brazil
How do you think the European crisis will affect the people of Brazil?

John in Martinez, CA
In my investment portfolio I hold a pretty substantial position in energy based royalty trusts, which mostly hold the rights to reserves in crude oil.  Do you think that I should start selling some of my positions in these trusts, or will this be a good place to be if the economy takes the turn that you are predicting.

Ed in Baytown TX
Does corporate personhood violate our individual Constitutional rights?

Marlon in Tucson, AZ
I am currently attending a junior college, and I will be attending a University next year. I will be pursuing a degree in economics. How much math is involved in obtaining this type of degree? Any information and advice will be greatly appreciated.