CNBC dismisses Citi’s $2k gold call and pumps Bitcoin instead – Ep 534

Liz Claman has a new podcast called “Everyone Talks to Liz Claman.” It’s a great show and I was on it earlier this week where I talked about growing up, some personal stories, and things you haven’t heard me talk about in other interviews. I highly encourage you to check out the episode here.

Coronavirus continues to help the dollar, but is helping gold even more. Gold’s bull market continues upward as more countries see their currencies lose record value to gold.

Citibank calls for $2k gold within 1-2 years. CNBC dismisses the call as an unimpressive 25% gain and pumps bitcoin instead.

Gold may be the best hedge against the stock market. Gold ETFs have accumulated a record amount of gold in storage.

Gold is up 60% in the past 4 years. Get your gold and silver BEFORE the big moves start happening.

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