Does The Silver Market See What The Atlanta Fed Missed? – Ep. 159

  • This is another week of bad economic data that most people have ignored
  • The stock market was up this week; the Dow closed up 1.8% on the year
  • I don’t know if the Dow was rising in spite the bad news or because of it
  • The bad news means the economy is weak and corporate earnings are not there, and there are high multiples
  • But of course, if the economy is weak, that takes the Fed out of the rate hiking game and I think puts it into the rate cutting – QE4 game
  • So the market is caught between the opposing forces of cheap money and falling earnings on the back of a weak economy
  • Gold was actually down on the week; it started off the week strong, then Thursday it got hit pretty good and today it recouped some of its losses
  • But the standout was silver
  • ¬†Silver was up almost 6% on the week; this is a new high
  • Silver closed at the highest close of the year
  • In fact, silver was strong with gold on Monday and Tuesday and when gold sold off on Wednesday and Thursday, silver really held up
  • That’s a good sign for both gold and silver
  • I was on this week and I meant to say something about silver
  • They’re not even talking about silver in the mainstream media so they’re missing an even bigger move
  • They’re acknowledging that gold’s going up but they’re not even looking at silver
  • I mentioned on an earlier podcast that a number of people are shorting silver and buying gold because they saw the breakout to new highs on the gold/silver ratio and they wanted to jump on that trad
  • I thought that was the wrong thing to do
  • To me, seeing new highs in that ratio in favor of silver made me want to buy silver, since it’s as cheap as it’s been relative to gold
  • If you like gold, just buy it; don’t short silver because you could turn a winning trade into a losing trade


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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