Fed Finally Launches the Taper, Now What? – Ep 747

    • Markets blessed Fed’s decision to begin tapering.
    • Jerome Powell says economy is healthy, but requires monetary policy of an economy in crisis.
    • Full employment is subjective and rarely achieved.
    • Powellnomics: It’s inappropriate to have interest rates above 0% in an economy that’s not at 100% employment.
    • Fed knows the economy is hanging by a threads, and that thread is 0% interest rates.
    • It doesn’t matter who the President of the United States is. What matters is who runs the Federal Reserve.
    • Dollar falling may be investors buying the rumor and selling the news.
    • No bad news in sight for gold, and no good news in sight for the dollar.
    • Don’t pick up pennies in front of steam rollers.
    • Zillow’s moronic house flipping business model caves.
    • Don’t confuse brains for a bull market or a bubble.
    • Taper is fully priced into gold and silver market.
    • Don’t jump onto a moving train; get on it before it leaves the station.

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