Fed’s Credibility Is Transitory, Not Inflation – Ep 750

    • CPI data heavily contradicts Fed’s transitory inflation narrative.
    • Reagan was more popular during a recession than Biden is during this “booming” economy.
    • The government has too much money on the line not to lie about inflation.
    • Media’s bias taints their inflation reporting.
    • Federal Reserve can print money, but they can’t print stuff.
    • Biden’s Build Back Better plan would have even Keynes rolling in his grave.
    • Biden considers releasing US strategic oil reserves to China.
    • Consumer sentiment plunges.
    • Gold price surges.
    • Fed won’t try to fight inflation because it will reveal their weak position.
    • Fed’s policy: Speak loudly when you have no stick.
    • Falling dollar will be the next domino to fall.
    • Record number of Americans tell their employer to take job and shove it.
    • Bitcoin whales conning institutions and bribing politicians.

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