If You’re Not Free to Discriminate You’re Not Free – Ep. 67

  • Indiana passed a law to prevent lawsuits targeting religious objection
  • Pressure and feigned outrage from the left wing machine causes Governor to walk back the meaning of the law
  • The mark of a free society is the willingness to tolerate intolerance
  • Liberals are the most intolerant of other peoples’ intolerance
  • In a free market there is always someone who wants my business, even if someone else does not
  • I would rather get the intolerance out in the open, and just avoid that business
  • It looks like the Indiana gay couple were searching for a business that would object to participating a gay wedding
  • Why can’t there be a business for bigots?
  • It doesn’t hurt anyone but the business, because it narrows the customer base
  • The Governor can’t stand up for what he believes
  • Why doesn’t he just say that the law allows certain individuals to discriminate based on religion
  • A small segment of the community is holding everyone else hostage
  • There is some inherent hypocrisy – whom is it OK to discriminate against?
  • It should be legal to discriminate against anybody
  • Government should not give a license to do what they should naturally have a right to do
  • The government is extolling privileges on individuals that turn into weapons, frivolous lawsuits, and undermine our economy