Markets, Rate Hikes, and Student Loans – Ep. 60

  • The NASDAQ 5,000 party ended nearly the day it began
  • NASDAQ down more than 80 points
  • Dow Jones down 332 points
  • Outside reversal week a reliable pattern signaling a downturn
  • The market believes optimistic non-farm payrolls will trigger Fed rate hike
  • Dollar hitting new highs
  • Janet Yellen is the victim of too much success, allowing for rate hike assumptions
  • All data other than jobs numbers are weak
  • If we continue along this path, we are heading toward recession
  • Stock market and real estate bear markets will trigger QE4
  • Stock market will drop dramatically if rate hike notion is not dispelled
  • Obama Administration floating trial balloon on student loan debt discharge for bankruptcy
  • This moral hazard would force education prices even higher