Praise for Peter Schiff

Mr. Schiff,

I’m a 36 year old investor who stumbled upon you listening to the Joe Rogan podcast several weeks ago. I told myself I needed to subscribe to your podcast to learn more about you and your economic expertise. Let me say you have one if the most brilliant easy to understand podcasts out there. Everything you say makes perfect economic sense and I know It’s got to he difficult to say it in this type of irrational exuberance economy.

I appreciate the insights and how you connect the dots on so many basic variables in the economy. Thanks for sticking to your guns and explaining the reality of what goes on in the market versus what so many “experts” like to say on these cable news channels. Nobody wants to be negative or a bear but you’re doing an important service warning people of the dangers of the US economic path we are taking.

Great stuff, I’ll be checking out your books next.

Jerry MacGillis