The Socialist Insanity of a Green Utopia – Ep. 443

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Disguising “Red” Goals in Green Wrapping

I’m still here in my hotel room in Orlando at the Money Show, but before I went downstairs on this Saturday morning,  I wanted to record a podcast to address the issues raised by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC, as she is now being referred to – I guess I’m just going to call her the bartender for simplicity.  Well, anyway, the bartender-turned-congresswoman has released the laughable details of her “Green New Deal”.  Of course, the Green New Deal really lays bare the smokescreen that I have always believed existed with respect to extreme environmentalism.  I’ve always thought that it masked a real desire for socialism; that the real goal of some of these radical environmentalists was socialism: nationalizing the means of production, getting government control.  But they couldn’t come out and say that. They had to disguise their “red” goals with green wrapping.

This Bartender is Advocating Fascism

They had to approach it as an environmental issue;”Hey, we have to save the planet!” and, yeah, who isn’t in favor of that? Everybody wants clean air and clean water.  So the way the Socialists really try to wedge their way into the mainstream was with this veneer of Environmentalism.  But when you actually read the “Green New Deal”, it blows all the smoke away. It really lays bare the Socialist agenda of environmentalists.  Really, that’s what the Green New Deal is all about.  It’s Red. It’s all about turning America into a Socialist economy, or more particularly, a Fascist economy, because Fascism is really the form of Socialism that best describes what this bartender is advocating.

The Government Taking over the Means of Production

I have said from the beginning when Ocasio-Cortez ( the bartender) describes herself as a Democratic Socialist – “I’m not a real Socialist, I am a DEMOCRATIC Socialist – putting the word “Democratic before something bad doesn’t make something bad into something good.  If you read this proposal, it is pure, unadulterated Socialism. It is about the government taking over the means of production.  The bartender actually believes that  the government, by micromanaging the economy, it will succeed in creating prosperity.  This is what every Socialist who has risen to power, rather by force or by vote, has promised the public. They always promise pie-in-the sky prosperity, all these great things that the government is going to provide. In order to get people to buy into this, they have to create a false threat of global warming.


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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