Misstate of the Union – Ep. 442

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State of the Union Not Addressed

Last night President Trump delivered what purported to be a State of the Union address but really, Donald Trump talked about a lot of things, but he didn’t really speak at all about the State of the Union. Bernie Sanders recorded his own response. He didn’t do the official Democratic response; that was done by Stacey Abrams, the woman who ran for and lost the Governorship of Georgia in 2018. She was a Democratic candidate.  I think the Democrats are grooming her probably to run for Senate in 2020 so they wanted to put her up on that stage and shine the spotlight on her.

Bernie Did a Better Job of Laying out Economic Problems

But Bernie Sanders delivered his own response on YouTube, and Bernie Sanders did a much better job of describing the problems in the U.S. economy, that Donald Trump ignored in his State of the Union address.  He spoke a little bit about the economy; he said we’re having an “economic miracle” here in the Unites States, that we were the envy of the world, the hottest economy in the world.  Everything is great, and theoretically the only thing that could screw it up is if the Democrats keep going after him with this ridiculous investigation, but everything is doing great, which, of course is a bunch of nonsense.

Socialism, However, Won’t Work

Bernie Sanders did a much better job of presenting the facts. He pointed out that maybe, if Donald Trump is talking about his rich friends at Mar-a-Lago Country Club – for those guys, the economy is great. But for average Americans, the economy is lousy and Sanders describes some of the problems that Donald Trump overlooked or ignored when he gave his address.  This is going to be the problem for the Republicans in 2020 when they run for re-election, talking about how great the economy is, they don’t have a chance.  It’s the Democrats who will be feeling the pain of the voters and coming up with their own solution.  The problem is, the solutions that Bernie Sanders is putting forth, Socialism, aren’t going to work.