America Has Never Been Less Great – Ep 620

Bank analysts want more artificial stimulus. Retail sales surge while production crashes. PPP monkey business driving spike in business applications. Borrowing from poorer countries is

Peter Schiff’s Independence Day Remix

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast Ep 264: https://youtu.be/vdnF9t-kHt4 The Peter Schiff Show Podcast Ep 265: https://youtu.be/onMqKwyhKLw The Peter Schiff Show Podcast Ep 368: https://youtu.be/XGqHMoY7ris  

Why Democrats Hate the Constitution – Ep. 397

JOIN PETER at the New Orleans Investment Conference https://neworleansconference.com/conference-schedule/ Democrat Women Screaming in Agony Brett Kavanaugh, over the weekend was confirmed by the Senate, and