Technological Unemployment, the GDP and Conservatism vs. Libertarianism

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- May 19, 2011

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David from London
What is your view on technological unemployment, as well as living in high energy society? Whereas there’s 4.000% more horse power per person than there was 100 years ago, where technology could wipe out 75% of employment regulations, could quickly destroy the ecology in pursuit for money?

David from New York, NY
Why is such a fuss made about GDP, when it is really just a measure of money printing? If no more money was printed no more could be spent than the year before.

George from Bloomington, MN
What are your thoughts on conservatism vs. libertarianism? Do you think we can all agree to put aside disagreements on things like drug laws, foreign policy, abortion, etc. — and once we restore our Constitution, then we can debate this other stuff?