Thanks for all you are doing

Hey Mr. Schiff,

My name is Taylor Gay and I am a 23 year old Finance/Economics student at Florida State University.  I just wanted to send you a little message about me and say thanks for all you are doing.

If I may, let me start with myself.  Back in the summer of 08′, I was a typical American youth.  I was a sophomore in college who’s only concern was getting laid and how pimped my ride was. My father owns a cabinet factory one of the few manufactorers left in the U.S. back in Jacksonville that makes cabinets for schools, hospitals, and airports throughout Florida and my mother is the editor of a local newspaper.  We considered ourselves upper middle class.

We were the definition of a housing bubble family.  My dad’s business exploded in 2002-2006, doing millions of dollars worth of business a year and my mother’s business did equally as well.  We were literally millionaires.  We sold our house we purchased in 1999 for a $200,000 profit and built a $700,000 house in 2005 dollars.  My father took out multiple home equity loans to put in a pool and even to put in solar panels on our roof to heat the pool!  My life was filled with cruises, European vacations, and new cars.

In was in the summer of 08′ that I noticed my father and mother talking about business alot more and seeming somewhat distressed.  I began to hear murmurs of “sub prime housing” and “lehman bros” but was still pretty much apathetic.  Presidential canidate Barack Obama was what everybody was talking about at the time.  My dad’s manufactoring business began to bleed money as building in Florida ceased to exist, leaving my mom to support the family.  The days of new cars and cruises were gone as my family began to seriously struggle.  Our home value began to fall precipitiously and life went from carefree to very difficult.

It was around this time when I came across Ron Paul and the R3volution campaign.  I stumbled across him when I heard he was the only congressman who would legalize marijuana.  This was my first involvement in the freedom movement.  I began to do my financial and political research at about the same time the financial crisis was unfolding.  I then came across the “Peter Schiff Was Right” video and I was shocked.

How could one person have known this was coming – I thought?  What made him see what my dad, a great business man and entrepreneur, couldn’t?  Well I began to delve into what made you and Ron Paul so accurate in your financial predictions.

I began to study the Austrian School of Economics and my questions were answered.  I read Crashproof 2.0 by you, The Theory of Money and Credit by Von Mises, The Road to Serfdom by Hayek, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and Ron Paul’s End the Fed.  I was now hooked on Austrian economic theory.

Since then I have followed your advice whole-heartedly.  We sold our $700,000 house for $600,000.  We needed help from my grandparents to cover the difference.  We moved into a much smaller, more rural house that cost less than half of what our old house cost.  I had my parents remove $50,000 from their cd and put $40,000 in gold Canadian Maple Leafs at $997 an ounce and $10,000 in silver Kennedy Silver Dollars at $13.80 per ounce. This was the best investment my family ever made. Gold is now at $1350 while silver is at a whopping $24!  We have made thousands upon thousands of dollars off your advice and will continue to purchase physical precious metals in the near future.  The purchases will be from your EuroPac precious metals company.

I have also begun to prepare for what I see as inevitable hyperinflation.  I don’t care how many Tea Party members are elected, they can’t go back in time and not print 1.7 trillion dollars in a few months.  I have stocked piled canned food and water, purchased and trained with a couple of firearms, and have begun to fortify my house.  If this is going to be anything like Argentina’s collapse, I am going to need all of that and more.  More importantly, I have begun to ready myself and my family mentally for the world we are about to enter.

Now, whenever I am in one of my finance or economic classes, I use you as inspiration to stand up for the Austrian school and stand against Keynesianism.  Keynesianism is really the only school of thought taught at FSU and it is somewhat of an uphill battle against the teaching staff.  But I remember all the people who yelled and laughed at you Art Lauffer during the bubble years and I use that as inspiration.  At the beginning of class every semester I send out an email to the teachers and students with “Peter Schiff is Right” as an attachment and warn people of whats coming.  I will only get maybe one or two responses but I feel that if one person listens and I can turn one person, then I’ve done a good thing.

I just want to say I am one of your biggest fans.  I listen to all of your blogs and even have the Peter Schiff App on my iPhone!  I just want to say thank you and to keep up the good work Pete.  Thanks for opening my eyes to the truth, even though it is sort of tough being enlightened in a world full of people “asleep”.

If I’m ever in Conneticut I wanna come by EuroPac and say hey.  I’d love to meet ya.

P.S. Linda McMahon sucks.  What kind of people do you live with up there that would actually vote for that bitch?

Your Friend,
    Taylor G.


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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