This radio show is such a treat


I’ve listened to nearly every television and radio interview, video blog, and Wall Street Unspun you have done for over a year now. This radio show is such a treat, as this 20 year old Schiff-addict can now get his dose every day of the week. You’ve poured gasoline on that small fire of interest I already had in Austrian free market economics and politics. I will be forever grateful for your clear, simple, and profound explanations of the economy.

It’s so rejuvenating to hear your voice of reason and principled stands, even in the face of republicans as you did with Dan Debicella. Your promise to hold him accountable is exactly what this country needs to hear and mimic. Congratulations on the new show, it has great potential to positively affect this nation, as you tried to do with your Senate run. It does feel like we are winning- one small battle at a time. I look forward to the day when your show will hit central Florida’s airwaves, and will do my part to lobby radio stations to carry it.

Best Regards,
Matthew M.