The political center keeps moving left – Ep 532

Nobody seems to be talking about the downward revisions in the jobs reports, particularly for 2018. Trump’s celebrated jobs numbers have been revised down 370k jobs for that year.

Obama’s weak jobs record is better than Trump’s. A lot more jobs were created in the last 3 years of Obama’s presidency than the last 3 years of Trump’s.

Deficits are exploding through the roof. Trump is setting records in government debt, but thanks to Trump and the Republicans, no one cares about the deficits anymore.

Gold hit a record high in terms of the Euro, which means people who are bearish on the Euro are turning to gold as a safe-haven.

Stock market doesn’t seem to be worried about the possibility of a President Bernie Sanders. Maybe they want more QE and negative interest rates?

Bernie Sanders can out-promise Trump and people are underestimating the power of all that free money.

Sean Hannity’s fake outrage is not a good look.

Owning a home does not make you wealthy.

Bitcoin may be rising now, but it’s still not gold.