Wall Street Begins to Question Fed’s Narrative – Ep. 88

  • Dow under pressure on the back of EU talks with Greece
  • There is a lot of room for the market to decline pending the Fed’s announcements
  • The consensus is that rates will hike September or later
  • If Fed does not rates in September, Election year next year might also put off rate hikes
  • Bloomberg article quotes B of A hinting that additional stimulus would further damage the economy
  • B of A admits this risk has been getting the least amount of attention
  • Empire State Manufacturing Index missed 5.9 forecast – came in at -1.98
  • May Industrial Production expected +.2 – came in at -.2
  • Capacity Utilization dropped 78.3 to 78.1
  • Manufacturing down .2
  • Industrial Production has been negative for 4 of the last 6 months
  • Currency markets still believe Fed will raise rates
  • Consumer spending was up in May because of rise in gas prices
  • Weekly Jobless claims saw a slight uptick – exceeded forecast
  • Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index continues to decline
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