The Yuan, Rental Property, Retirement and Gold

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers – May 13, 2013

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Monte in Plano, TX
I noticed in a recent article that the value of payments using the Yuan increased 171% from 2012 to 2013 according to a press release by SWIFT.  In light of the Fed’s dollar debasing, would the rise in Yuan exchange presage the decoupling of the Chinese and other economies from the US economy?

Carlos in San Antonio, PR
I’m concerned about a rental property I have. It has paid for itself for the last 12 years, but after discovering your videos, I’m wondering if I should continue to hang on to it.  I calculate that I can make $50,000 if I sell it now. Would you keep renting it out or sell it and put that money in gold/foreign stock, etc. I’m afraid things will get bad enough where I will not be able to rent it or pay for it and lose it to the bank after all these years.

Billy in Glendora, CA
I am on disability and I’m going to retire soon with 100K saved up in my retirement fund. I have a large position on metals already. How else can I secure my wealth as I retire into this frightening economy.

Robert in Charlotte, NC
I’m trying to understand currency devaluation by central banks. If weakening one’s currency encourages exports, why aren’t we exporting more? Obviously we are weakening the dollar, but we aren’t exporting more. Isn’t this why countries devalue?

Chino in Miami, FL
Right now I have a private banking account in Santander Bank, but unfortunately in the short term I can’t change it to Euro Pacific Bank so I’ve been asking my financial advisor to add Euro Pacific Bank Funds to my portfolio and it’s been great. What is your opinion of buying gold through Central Fund of Canada (CEF)? Also, how can I buy Euro Pacific Precious Metals bullion gold and silver through my Santander Account?