Jobs Are Another Bubble About to Pop – Ep. 408

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Futures Rallied after Drop on Apple News

I want to get to the nonfarm payroll number. This is the big number, and, maybe, because the initial number was good, the market rallied. Although, I think the real reason that the market rallied in the morning is because we had a big rally in Asia last night. There were some rumors that there would be some type of trade deal between China and the United States, and when that rumor came out, everybody bid up these Asian stocks.  So the U.S. stock market, U.S. futures got bid up.  So initially U.S. futures were way down on the Apple news, but then, when this rumors came out about a trade deal, then the markets rallied.

Hopes for Trade Deal with China

Part of the reason that people wanted to believe that there might be a trade deal is because everybody knows the election is coming up on Tuesday, and maybe the President is looking to do something between now and then in order to: a) make the market rally, but b) be able to claim victory.  Like” aha! another deal like the USMCA – I got rid of NAFTA, and we have this new deal which is basically the same deal we had before, just with a different name, but he’s able to pretend that he kept some kind of promise and now we’ve got a great deal,  Whereas the old NAFTA was the worse deal in the history of deals, the one that he’s got, which is virtually identical, is the best deal in the history of deals.

No Deal

I thought maybe he would do something similar to that with China.  Come up with some ridiculous agreement that basically does nothing, then talk about how great it is… but apparently, not. Maybe they can still do that on Monday if they really want to wait to the last minute and come up with some kind of bogus deal… But people believe the rumors, but then this morning Larry Kudlow was on CNBC early in the morning before the open basically shooting that rumor down, saying there was no deal.



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