Powell Puts It to Congress – Ep. 448

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Jerome Powell Wades into the Deficit Debate

This year Fed chairman Jerome Powell made his obligatory visit to Capital Hill, where he spoke to Senators and Representatives about monetary policy.  Of course, this really just amounts to a press conference for Democrats and Republicans to either talk up the economy or talk down the economy, depending on who’s got the White House.  Trump is the President, so you have a lot of Democrats trying to talk about why the economy is actually weak and trying to get the Fed Chairman to say something negative about the economy, or negative about President Trump.  And, of course you have the Republicans trying to get Powell to validate how great the economy is, and how Trump’s policies are helping the economy.

Republicans Aren’t Willing to Recognize Problems

The biggest problem with all this is that the biggest promoters of how great the economy is are the Republicans. These are supposedly the defenders of capitalism and they’re saying everything is great, everything is booming, and you have the Democrats, particularly the Democratic Socialists saying that there are a lot of problems.  And the Republicans are saying that these problems don’t exist.

Democratic Socialists Have no Idea Why the Economy is Screwed Up

Unfortunately, when it hits the fan, when we end up in a recession, and I’ve been making this point over and over again, Capitalism is going to be thoroughly discredited because the people who advocate it were oblivious to the problems. They said everything was fine. Now the Socialists will appear to be the ons who had it right – even though they were right for the wrong reasons. They have no idea why the economy is screwed up, and their plans to solve the problems will just screw it up even more. But the voters aren’t going to know that. They’re going to say, “Oh, these Republicans who talk about Capitalism, they were wrong. They didn’t realize what a mess it was.  These Democratic Socialists, they knew there was a problem, so let’s vote for them.”