Time to Fade the Short EM Trade – Ep. 360

Focusing on Emerging Markets

I’m going to spend most of today’s podcast talking about what is going on in the emerging markets, in the currency market and in the stock markets; what the speculators are doing, why they are doing it and why I think they are wrong and why I think it creates an excellent opportunity for investors to fade this trade and prepare for the ultimate reversal of these moves.

Freedom Fest in Las Vegas

But before I get into that, I want to talk about a few other topics of interest that happened after my last podcast.  I also want to talk about Freedom Fest in July.  I am going to Freedom Fest again, as I do every year in July. Not the greatest time of the year in Las Vegas – not that there’s really a bad time to be in Las Vegas, you’re going to have fun in Las Vegas whenever you go – but it is quite hot in July.  Of course I spend almost all my time indoors, so the heat really does not affect me.  And when I do go out, it is at night, and it is not so hot. The event is July 12-14 and if you have not already registered you can do it now.  It will be at the Paris Hotel & Casino; I will be there with my entire family – my wife and 3 kids.  We’ll be at our booth, you can come by and have a chance to meet my wife and kids and say hello.

Presentation on Tax Incentives of Working and Moving to Puerto Rico

I am going to be participating in several events; I am going to be doing a talk on Puerto Rico and the tax incentives of working from and moving to Puerto Rico. Most of you should know by now, I am Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is my main residence; I summer in Connecticut, but I am a resident of Puerto Rico. Euro Pacific Asset Management and Euro Pacific Bank are both  based in Puerto Rico.

Bitcoin Debate Moderated by Naomi Brockwell

Also I am going to be doing a Bitcoin debate against Jeffrey Tucker and Gary Smith – is it real, or is it Tulipmania? All of you realize what side I am on.  The debate will be moderated by Naomi Brockwell, who is known as “The Bitcoin Girl” in fact she appeared on my old radio show, the Peter Schiff Show, and I sure wish I’d listened to her and bought a bunch of bitcoin – obviously I would have a lot more money today.