You Changed My Life

Dear Peter,

I understand you probably get this a lot, I’ve heard you talk about it from time to time regarding your impact on people’s lives.

I just feel like I should let you know the drastic impact your message has had on my life over the past 18 months.

18 months ago, I was sitting in a bus depot on yet another rainy day in Ireland.

Cold, broke and hopeless with no way home other than this late bus.

I had just finished working my shift in a retail store.

I’ve worked retail for 6 or 7 years but was feeling really depressed with the direction of my life.

26 years old feeling like a failure, had to move back in with my mother.

I happened to be listening to another episode of the Joe rogan podcast and I was seething with anger listening to your opinion on minimum wage, taxation etc.

I’m got a college education and would have considered myself fairly knowledgeable on economics, and I was schooled.

You had me. (So much for that college degree in business)

The penny dropped.

My anger at your opinion turned to curiosity. I started working on myself, my attitude and my work ethic.

How can I add value to my employer. Taking a sense of pride in my work as if it was my business.

18 months later

I’m now in charge of 7 of those retail stores, they were in the brink of closing down. Now we’ve seen increasing sales 5-10% month over month.

Responsible for 25+ saff some of whom are older than me.

I’ve a sense of fulfillment I never thought I could achive, it was my attitude all along that was wrong. Not my employer.

Recently the owner expressed his interest in helping me take the next step to be ready to run the company should he ever need to take a break or retire.

I would not have been for this opportunity had I not listened to that podcast.

Listener for life
Proud owner of gold
No longer living at home
No longer gets the bus

Thank you Peter.

Love from Ireland