Month: October 2011

The Peter Schiff Show – 10/07/11

Free Form Friday, guided by the best callers in talk radio! Cliff’s Notes Recap Weekly Recap for 10-03-11 to 10-07-11 Monday The government suing companies for firing workers only discourages job growth. Tuesday Something needs to happen soon to restructure the airline industry. Wednesday The government feigns outrage over a $5 debit charge. Thursday Increasing taxes on the rich …

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Real Estate, the Dollar, the Euro and Gold & Silver and Exports

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- October 7, 2011 [youtube class=”center” id=”j7DDXi7MP7E”] [separator style_type=”single” top_margin=”5″ bottom_margin=”5″ sep_color=”” icon=”fa-play” width=”” class=”” id=””] Wesley from St. Louis, MO The house down the street from me sold for $90,000 in a short sale this month. That would be about 60 ounces of gold. It sold for $145,000 in 2005, which …

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The Peter Schiff Show – 10/06/11

Mike & Chantell Sackett, Idaho-based property owners and the plaintiffs in Sackett v. EPA (being heard in the Supreme Court’s forthcoming term) and Damien Schiff, senior attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, on how the EPA has prevented the couple from building a home on their own property while also trying to extort $32,500/day.